this might be stupid, but i like you soo much. and i can’t believe that i’d ever think maybe one day you’d like me. i mean, cOME ON. there are a MILLION reasons why you won’t like me back,

  1. you’re straight
  2. you’re so much better
  3. you’re straight
  4. you’re much more intelligent than i am
  5. did i mention that YOU’RE STRAIGHT?

it makes me so mad, because sometimes you make me think that you might even like me back but in the end, you’ve just reminded me that i’ll never even HAVE a single chance with you.

also, everytime you talk about a guy. i get so mad, i want to PUNCH THEM IN THE FUCKING FACE, and just ugh. or when a guy talks to you. the reason why i feel like that is because i just know that those GUYS have much of a better chance with you than i do and it just makes so soooo frustrated! 

i never liked someone as much as i liked you before. i just want to kiss you, hug you, be near you. IT’S CRAZY. FUCKING HELL. 

sometimes i wish i was straight so i don’t have to feel like this but in the end, i think about you.

when you text me first i get so excited, when you ask me to hang out with you, i get all nauseous and just smile and can’t wait till school ends or can’t wait till the time comes so i can be near you. i like you soo much, and it’s crazy because i bug EVERYONE about it and it just ARGGG. i wish i can tell this whoole thing to you but i can’t, because i know you’d be creeped and grossed out so i just….